Notice of Mixtile Core 3588E New Firmware Release

We’re excited to announce a new firmware release for Mixtile Core 3588E, designed to enhance your experience.

New Firmware Release Details
Firmware Version: 0.0.3
Release Date: 2023-12-27
Download Firmware: [mixtile-core3588e-ubuntu-desktop-rc-0.0.3-231227.img.xz]
Mixtile Core 3588E\ 570xauto
Key Enhancements and Fixes
This new firmware update includes significant enhancements and fixes, including:

  • Addressed identification issues with the IMX219 camera module
  • Fixed the unstable issue of Display Port output
  • The added default function of 40-pin GPIO on Carrier Board
    [Other New features and Known issues]

Installation Guide
We advise all users to upgrade firmware in Loader mode. Please follow the steps detailed at [Upgrade Firmware Using Raw Image].

Best regards
The Mixtile Team