Leetop A206 SD-reader performing very badly

Hi all.

I’ve been testing the Mixtile Core 3588E on the Leetop A206 carrier board.
All works fine, except the sd-reader its performance.

I was wondering if this is an issue with my board or it’s the same on all.

My read speeds are 3.1MB/s.
Write is 3.0MB/s.

Greetings, NicoD

Hi NicoD,

Our team tested and got the same SD card reader speed as yours.

Additionally, we connected the Nvidia TX2 core board to the A206 carrier board, but the A206 carrier board failed to recognize the SD card. This leads us to infer that there may be issues with the circuit design of the A206.

Thank you for letting me know Evelyn.

Then it isn’t a problem with my board itself.
Video coming next week.

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