Rk3588 router? Single blade case options?

I was looking for a router I could run linux on. Decently fast cores, dual 2.5 Gbe, 4-16gb ram, small, power efficient. I’d then add a vlan capable switch to get the extra ports. The blade 3 looks promising. However it looks pretty tricky to build a small durable case+power supply for it. From what I can tell the edge connector is non standard. Is there a case somewhere that will keep it powered and cool without having to spring for the quad blade chassis?

Hi @spikebike

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

For the power supply: I suggest using a USB-C PD-enabled adapter. PD adapters have been very popular in recent years. You can easily find many on Amazon or other electronic shops (keyword: USB-C PD charger).
For the case: I have several simple questions:

  1. What kind of appearance do you prefer?
    a. Metal case like most desktop Ethernet Switches.
    b. Plastic case like most home-use Routers.
    c. 3D printed case or STP files for 3D printing.
    d. Other:

  2. Which cooling method do you prefer?
    a. Active cooling with a fan.
    b. Fan-less passive cooling.

  3. Do you think HDMI is necessary for this router scenario?

  4. Do you think an internal M.2 slot for SSD is a must-have?

  5. How important do you think to have an eSATA slot for external drivers?

My preference would a metal case, I’ve seen nice ones for Raspberry PIs, but ideally with a integrated heat sink for passive cooling. I don’t think HDMI would be necessary, not going to use it as a desktop and having it boot and open a ssh port would be fine. Ideally a M.2/U.2 slot inside for storage. Don’t imagine needing a eSATA for a router. Should I might run a few extra services, but not planning on a large NAS or plex server.

Know of any metal cases that would fit the mixtie blade allow powering by USB and expose the 2 ethernet ports?