PCIe devices not enumerating

I have tried connecting a PCIe device to the RC using the breakout board (PCIe port B) but the blade doesn’t seem to be able to enumerate any device I connect to it.
Is this use case supported yet? Do I need to upgrade the firmware for that?

Thank you!

Hello, @wintermute. Sorry that you encountered a problem using our products. To address this issue, we first need to know what PCIe device you’re connecting. Thanks.

I’m using this adapter:

I attempted using:

  • An FPGA (Artix 7 design) that successfully enumerates in all computers I have tried so far
  • A board that uses an ASM1182e pcie switch to a coral pcie accelerator
  • A BCM94331CSAX pcie wireless adapter
  • A 1TB NVMe (SN850X)

None of the devices enumerated

  • didn’t appear when running lspci -vv
  • I even attempted forcing a rescan (echo "1" > /sys/bus/pci/rescan) but it didn’t help

Attempted with the default debian11 installation from the eMMC, and with the latest ubuntu build from here

I am powering both the PCIe adapter and the blade3 (from the breakout board) from a 350w ATX PSU.
I have tried 2 different SFF-8643 cables I bought with the blade3.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

@wintermute We’re investigating this issue and will tell you the conclusion once we finish testing. Thanks.

Is it a supported use case? Is there anything I need to configure on the PCIe bifurcation?
BTW I saw some reviewers had a u.2 to NVMe breakout made for the blade3, but I can’t find where to get one. Is it being sold already?

Hi, @wintermute we support this use case. You may need to configure driver depending on the PCIe device you’re connecting.
A 1-TB NVMe SSD you mentioned earlier can be connected directly using a U.2 to NVMe breakout board. However, this kind of breakout board is not available for separate purchase and is only included with the Blade 3 Case. Our colleague @Evelyn_Liang will reach out to you soon to discuss how we can provide you a Blade 3 case.

Hi, Wintermute. I have reached out via the email address our system collected to share essential details. If no such email has arrived, kindly provide us with a valid email address. Thank you.