Mixtile Cluster Box: Control Board Upgrade and Shipping Date

Dear friends,

We are excited to share some updates about Mixtile Cluster Box.
Mixtile Cluster Box is an enclosure with a built-in PCIe switch designed to accommodate a four-node cluster of Mixtile Blade 3 boards. It provides higher computing power, faster network speed, and larger storage space. From small business applications to edge computing, it is an ideal HPC cluster for ultra-low power consumption. It has captured the interest of tech enthusiasts, just like all of you.
Mixtile Cluster Box\ 570xauto
Mixtile Cluster Box consists of a backplane, a control board, and a customized small chassis with fans inside. To ensure optimal performance, we are pleased to announce several upgrades to the new control board:

  • The storage space of the control board has been expanded to 16GB.
  • The SFF-8643 interface has been replaced with the OcuLink interface for debugging purposes.
  • The power button has been optimized to enable one-key recovery to factory firmware.
  • The OpenWrt 23 system image has also been upgraded to the new control board.
    Mixtile Cluster Box\ 570xauto
    For those of you who have already acquired Mixtile Cluster Box, we offer you the opportunity to upgrade your control board. Simply contact info@mixtile.com with your valid delivery address and order record, and we will ship you a new control board free of charge.

Mixtile Cluster Box\ 570xauto
Limited stock is available for the Mixtile Cluster Box, so if you need one, feel free to place your order.
Rest assured that we will arrange all the shipments of the Mixtile Cluster Box and control boards before May 10.
If you require any further assistance, kindly reply or leave a comment on the Mixtile Community. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Kind regards,
The Mixtile Team