Mixtile blade 3 case modification

Dear Mixtile,

You should include a fanless option when selling your case since people on the web want it to be 100% silent (the included fan is quite noisy, and the overall heat dissipation system is far from optimal).

Only two corners of the heatsink need to be slightly rounded up, and 4x M2 stands should be included in the case box. That’s it! The modified case is gorgeous and 100% silent, pleasing all your customers looking for a mini desktop yet powerful SBC.

Dear matteoguglielmi,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and thoughtful suggestions regarding our case design. We love the idea of including a fanless option to ensure 100% silence, as we understand the importance of a quiet and efficient heat dissipation system for our users. We are pleased to inform you that we are already planning to optimize the case design. Your specific recommendations will be taken into consideration.