Easiest path to get started with the ClusterBox?

Hi, I got the clusterbox, I upgraded the drivers and all nodes are working fine. Now, I’m wondering what’s the easiest path to put the cluster to work. Some reviews suggested that the Blade3 nodes would be installed with a k8s image, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Should I poke some holes on the host firewall and put the individual nodes to work or is there some feature installed that I haven’t checked? I also browsed the packages available to install and couldn’t find a k8s or equivalent either.

Hi, Heiku, thank you for purchasing Cluster Box. We are preparing use case documents for Cluster Box, but it takes time. For your quick reference, we’ll provide you a guide for deploying Kubernetes using RK3588. Once the guide is ready, we’ll send it to you. Thanks.

Hi, @heiku, the guide for deploying Kubernetes using Rockchip is ready. Hope it helps.

Any problem, you can contact me. Thanks.