Dual SATA drives

Is there a way to attach dual SATA 16TB (total 32TB) drives to the Blade 3 without a separate PSU for the hard drives?

Hi @Alex_C,

Welcome to the community! If I didn’t get you wrong, I guess you are considering using Blade 3 as a NAS controller. It cannot be done without an “Adapter” board: split the 12V input to Blade 3 and the drives and multiplex the SATA signal to several hard drives.
We (the Mixtile Team) are also considering if we should make a NAS Kit. We would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts about the NAS, e.g., the enclosure, power supply, vibration absorber, server software, apps, etc.

Yes your understanding is correct. My NAS drives store lots of videos that my employees collect.

I would want at least two hard disks (even open to three) and one single power cable to set everything up. The ethernet would go one direction to the internet and the other direction to a home router. The software I would want to set up on my own (Ubuntu, minio, Docker, etc).

Does the multiplex reduce the SATA bandwidth from the board? Ideally I wouldn’t want there to be speed reduction especially since I would want to put in large 16TB drives.

An 5Gb ethernet would be even better, but it’s not a high priority.