Connecting U.2 devices to Mixtile3


If i have two Mixtile3 boards with breakout boards attached. Mixtiles are are connected to each other using using a PCIe daisychain and there should be one SFF-8643 connector free on each boards.

If i understand correctly then i should be a able to connect U.2 nvme SSD using something like this?

Second question is that will the adapter cable also deliver the power for the drive?

Hi, zache
First question, you can connect U.2 NVMe SSD using the cable you mentioned.
Mixtile Blade 3 has two SFF-8643 interfaces on its Breakout Board, PCIe A and PCIe B.

When the boards are connected, PCIe B of the first board connects to PCIe A of the second board. The free PCIe A on the first board cannot be connected to U.2 NVMe SSD. However, PCIe B on the second board is available for U.2 NVMe SSD connection.

In addition, we will also buy a cable you mentioned to test the actual application effect. Our test progress will also be synchronized with you.
Second question, it needs to be connected to an external power supply for the drive. The SFF-8643 interface does not provide an external power supply.