Cluster Box NVME retaining screws?

I’ve either misplaced the screws which should have come with the Cluster Box, or they were missing from the start.

The documentation at Cluster Box | Mixtile says:

“4x M2 * 5 * 5 Phillips pan head machine screw with washer”

Is that supposed to be “M2.5 * 5” e.g. a M2.5 width x 5mm long thread?

Or “M2 * 5.5” (M2 width, 5.5mm length)?

Or simply “M2 * 5” (M2 width, 5mm length)?

… or something else? My understanding was that the closest there is to a standard screw for this is M2 * 2.5mm long.

We noticed a slight error in the documentation. An M3 * 3 Phillips screw, which is included in the package, is the correct tool for installing the M.2 SSD.
Like this picture shows:

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