Cluster Box - Firmware recovery without serial console?

I’ve applied a custom firmware image to the Cluster Box BMC, but it hasn’t worked (see No size-check on generated image? · Issue #2 · mixtile-rockchip/mixtile-clusterbox-mt7620a-openwrt · GitHub) and the system is currently bricked - before I have to open up the chassis and attach a debug-probe to access the BMC serial-console and tftp-upload a recovery image, is there any other way (a hardware button?) to revert to a default or last-good firmware image?

P.S. Please consider adding actual pin-headers or a USB port to the next revision of the BMC hardware, to make BMC recovery an easier process!

We apologize for the current inability to revert to a default image by using another way. We’re pleased to announce that a new version controller board is in development and will be shipped to all Cluster Box users free of charge in early May. This new hardware will allow users to easily revert to the default image by entering BMC recovery mode. Simply press and hold the power button for over 5 seconds, and the system will automatically restore itself. Additionally, a pin header has been included for convenient debugging purposes.

That’s fantastic!

I bought my hardware from Mouser, rather than backing it via Crowd Funding - it there a way I can register to also receive this update?