BMC, OOB management, IPMI/Redfish


Seen in another thread that a BSP should be released. (How) Does this relate to out of band/board management?

Background questions are:

  • how to integrate, monitor and manage cluster box and blades lifecycles?
  • Does the backplane embedded OpenWRT brings goodness in these regards, and how?
  • how to automate blades provisioning (and backplane configuration and updates)?

Thanks in advance

I am also curious about this. What Mixtile products include a BMC? Is the one used Redfish compliant?

This isn’t related to out-of-band management (OOBM). Mixtile products currently lack a dedicated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC). Instead, we leverage the MediaTek MT7620 chip for some basic OOBM functionality. The embedded OpenWRT on the backplane enables initial configuration, basic troubleshooting, and potentially limited remote management of Blade 3 even when its main OS is down. While the Cluster Box doesn’t currently support Redfish, we’re planning to introduce a tool offering a centralized view of cluster health, system installation for each Blade 3, and automated updates/configuration changes. If you are interested in making some development in the OpenWrt system, you could get the source code from Mixtile Github here.

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Sounds very nice to me!
If we get a open source board controller delivering all the essential features you listed… What else?! :slight_smile:
Further, if that is based on more affordable and easier to integrate hardware than BMC chips, community could adopt it and contribute to extend and improve it, but that’s another story.

I’d surely love to contribute to such a system, but sadly my skills barely allow me to even think about it :confused:

Thanks for your answer, and pointing to the repo. I’ll follow developments there…

Have a nice WE