Blade 3's cluster function via PCIe and daisy-chain topology

:grinning:There has been a lot of interest in Blade 3’s cluster feature recently. The Blade 3’s cluster function via PCIe Gen3 ports is a cost-effective solution for two high-speed board-to-board connections with only one cable.

:star_struck:And, here is Blade 3 daisy-chain topology! Check out how to easily and quickly build a 4-node cluster with customized breakout boards and cables provided by Mixtile.

:partying_face:Btw, we’ll be shipping it out soon to our Crowd Supply backers. Stay tuned!

Looks awesome!

Any hints on how you set this up?
Looking at a Debian 11 image from May 5th, and DW_EP seems to not be enabled. I’ve been experimenting previously with pcie-epf-vntb driver with a different board, but I think that’s not the case here. Is that what you use misc: add rockchip remote memory demo driver · mixtile/linux@53fff15 · GitHub ? Implementing a netdev in userspace over a shared memory region?

Hello trixie, we are still optimizing the performance of cluster via daisy-chain topology and will release the driver and related instruction next month. We will keep you update. Remote memory demo driver is not related to the cluster solution yet and you could ignore it.

Got it, thanks! Looking forward to exploring it once the driver is available.

Any updates on the driver availability? Non-optimized version will be fine too, I’m not too picky :wink:

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