Blade 3 Driver (miop-control-arm64.deb)


I am not able to download miop-control-arm64.deb through my browser, but it can be download using “wget”…

It seems the driver contains the NTB Ethernet endpoint device driver, is the source code also available for download ?


Hi @soccercheng, sorry for the inconvenience. It seems there is some problem with the link. I have fixed it and provided a valid link miop-control-arm64.deb. You can try it again.

Hi Mia,

Can you please tell me where to download the driver source code ?


Hi @soccercheng, sorry to tell you that we choose not to open source the driver currently.
We appreciate the community’s support for open-source software. At this time, we are still conducting comprehensive testing to ensure the driver is secure and reliable before releasing the source code publicly. Because this driver is critical for system functionality, we want to minimize vulnerabilities.

Rest assured, we remain committed to open-sourcing this driver once testing is complete. We are making steady progress.

Our team strives to provide timely assistance with using and updating the driver. We genuinely welcome your feedback and ideas for improvement.