Are there plans to transition to Linux 6.x?

The current kernel is 5.10.66. Are there plans to migrate to kernel 6.x? A lot of work has been done to integrate RK3588 support into the 6.x mainline. Details of progress can be found here. If Mixtile could contribute to those efforts that would be great as well.

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Hi JGiszczak, we are currently working on migrating to kernel 6.x. The new firmware and related SDK will be released in March 2024.

Any news on the release?

We apologize that the development progress is much slower than expected. We will release the new V6.6 kernel-firmware and SDK by the end of May.

Hey @ JGiszczak,

It is currently being planned to switch to the Linux kernel 6.x series. The most recent revisions in this series, such Linux kernel 6.7, have been previously made available and incorporate a host of new capabilities and improvements to fit different software and hardware architectures.

Among the noteworthy improvements in Linux kernel 6.7 are:

  1. Filesystem Improvements
  2. Hardware Support
  3. Security and Performance
  4. RISC-V Architecture

These updates show that work is still being done to go to the 6.x series, with new features and constant enhancements being added.

If you have further any confusion, you can visit: Linux kernel support for Application and Change Control 6.x