Zwave compatibiity


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I was just wondering…, in my regular zwave controller (not mixtile) i’m able to reade/write all the parameters of a given zwave device. I.e. in a zwave switch i can set a time-out value the switch will turn off after a certain time. This is then programmed in the zwave device itself and will function even if the zwave controller is down. I would be quite happy to see this functionality in mixtile otherwhise I always have to use a different controller to setup the zwave device for my needs first before using it with mixtile. Is this type of functionality to be expected?

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What brand of zwave switch do you use and what model is it?
Could you give me a screenshot of how you set the timeout.


I’m using i.e a Fibaro switch
See in the fibaro manual section 10 pag 16 for some advanced parameters
The manual can be found here (describing all other kind of functions)



Hi Frank,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we will put this into our plan.

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Hi Zaki,

Some late but here additional screen shots of how a zwave device can be configured in detail!

-config screen
shows the expert command to read/set the device parameters

-expert commands screen
shows besides device parameters option, other expert setting which can be configured

-association screen
shows if this device is assiociated with other devices (and can be configured oding so). Enables i.e. when a lamp is swtich on, another lamp is also switched on (without the need for the controller to be active/online(!))

-link health screen
shows how devices are linked together as mesh network and their status

-interview screen
shows the capabilities of the device as read by the controller.

Hopefully this help in (near) future development. I must stress without being able to control zWave devices on detail level the mixtile controller is not adding value (at least for me ;-))

If needed i’m willing to help testing if this pushes development forward, just let me know

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