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Now that the Android app seems to be working better. I’m revisiting trying mixtile. None of my zipato zwave sensors are working. Is that normal? Do I have to wait some longer?

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The sensor we tested is Flood Multisensor 3 in 1 and bulb 2 - Z-wave. this link is a list of Mixtile Hub compatible devices. We will keep updating it.

If our sensor is different from yours, please tell us the model so that we could try to pair it with hub. If it is the same as yours, the problem maybe caused by the misoperation, so the sensor was disconnected from the hub, and the hub can’t send any alarms.
Please try to remove the sensor and add it back again.


I have the following devices that aren’t detected:

  • Flood sensor Z-Wave (SKU:
  • Smart Smoke Sensor – Z-wave (SKU:
  • Multisensor Quad Z-Wave (SKU:
  • Multisensor-motion, temperature, light Z-Wave (SKU: ne-nas-pd01zt.)

The following devices are detected Unknown

  • Multisound indoor siren Z-Wave (SKU:


Hello, @2Fast2BCn
For undetected device, you can check if he has added to other Z-Wave gateways, you can reset the device, then add it again.
we are not yet compatible with the Multisound indoor siren Z-Wave, we are happy to include them in our compatibility list if it/they are very popular among our users. Thank you for telling us your needs.


So I have to have a secondary Z-Wave gateway?
When I bought Mixtile I assumed I would only need one gateway (the mixtile) and it would be able to handle all the brands listed on it’s compatible brands list.
Seems like that will never be possible?

Currently I have no “other” Z-Wave gateway. I can pull the battery of the sensors but I doubt that will help. They are all new devices just unpacked and they aren’t detected.

My plan was one gateway (the mixtile) and then automation managed by my already existing instance.


Hi, @2Fast2BCn
You don’t need a secondary Z-Wave gateway. The following steps may help you find the device(Take Flood sensor z-wave (SKU: as an example):
First, you need to reset the device, long press the networking button and put into the battery.
Second, Let the Hub begin to discover the device.
Then, Press the networking button 3 times within 1.5s, make sure LED is blinking some times.
Wait a few seconds, and if no device is found, you can press the networking button again to prevent the device from falling asleep.
Finally, you may find the device in the app.

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I guess I have to wait a bit more for a functioning Android app (or some kind op API) because the leakage sensor is added but it has no State. Other sensors’ state changes are very hit-and-miss.


Hi, @2Fast2BCn
Sorry. We didn’t reproduce your problem.Can you take your steps or give me the details page of the device?like this

Do the other devices you mentioned refer to the following devices:

  1. Smart Smoke Sensor – Z-wave (SKU:
  2. Multisensor Quad Z-Wave (SKU:
  3. Multisensor-motion, temperature, light Z-Wave (SKU: ne-nas-pd01zt.)
  4. Multisound indoor siren Z-Wave (SKU:


I’m not sure where the problem actually occurs but the day after posting that the sensor had no state. Suddenly it had states. I added other devices and now one of the other devices is having the same problem. So I suspect in a day or 2 it will probably suddenly also have state. I guess I will have to wait for the ability to root the device so I can look in the Hub itself to see if it’s the app or the hub.


Hi, @2Fast2BCn
Some problems may occur during device initialization. We’re trying to reproduce this problem and we will fix it. You can try to remove the device and restart the Hub, and then add them again.

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