Zigbee repeater (router)


I wand to expand zigbee network, so I need zigbee repeater that works with hub. Is there any you can advice?
I have Mi gateway 2. Can I use it like zigbee repeater now or in future?


Most products with power connection, like power plugs will be used as router to expand the network.
Also lights without battery


Not most. Can you make 100% example from compatible list of devices?


The Xiaomi Plug
The CentraLite Plug
I think also the Aqara/Mixtile Plug


Good, but I couldn’t connect xiaomi plug to hub :slight_smile:


Hi @egoist. We know there are three versions of Xiaomi plug, one of them cannot work properly with Mixtile Hub (we’re resolving this problem with the plug vendor’s help). But afaik all of them can connect to the Hub. Could you please give us more details about connecting Xiaomi plug to the Hub?


Sorry @egoist. I saw your videos in another post.


And what you could say after watching?


It seems like the firmware of the ZigBee module haven’t updated to the proper version. I will do some experiments with our development team to see if it’s the root cause and find a solution. Sorry for wasting you so much time to solve these problems.


It will be great. I want to use hub fully. Please, keep me informed about solving the problem


Did you find The way to victory?
By the way, You said about new version of iOS app and firmware this week. I didn’t see them))


Hi @egoist
We will make a toolkit for you to update the firmware of Zigbee module. It may be ready at next week. Please wait for our news. :slight_smile:

About the iOS App and new firmware. Apple rejected our new release of the App so we are still working on it. And the new firmware is ready, please check in ‘Version’ of the App.


Ok, waiting for toolkit))


Hi @egoist,
iOS App 1.0.37 is ready, please find it in App Store.


I see. Waiting for toolkit


Who of team can tell me something about my problem with zigbee module?


So, maybe someone answer me?


Hello, @egoist
Sorry,Respond to you so late.
MI Gateway 2’s WiFi protocol is not compatible with Mixtile Hub, so it can’t work with Mixtile Hub, Mixtile Hub is compatible with other gateways. If you have some programming basics, you can add plugins via openhab.
There might be something wrong with the Zigbee module of your Mixtile Hub. So could you please provide you email address so that we can contact you to send you another Mixtile Hub? Sorry about all the inconvenience.


Send you my mail in private message