Z-wave frequency


Hello Everybody!
I am searching for a new smart home hub, thats how I became aware of mixtile. So far it looks really promising 2 me. But as z-wave uses different frequencies, I am a little concerned wether it works in Europe or not. And this statement

makes it even worse :wink:
Currently, the only place I found mixtile for sale, is indiegogo. AFAIK Indiegogo is located in the US. Does that mean that, if I order a mixtile from indiegogo, I will receive a version with the US z-wave frequency?
Sorry if this question sounds kinda silly, but it is important for me tho know :wink:


I just do not like Indiegogo at all so I do not know if you can choose an option when you order a hub.
If I’m correct there is a “CEPT” hub available for most European countries.
I also do not remember where to find the list where you can check wich version you need for your country.


I saw there is an european version, I am just not sure wether I will receive it when ordering on Indiegogo. But as it is the only available source I found, it looks like I have to take this risk. Where did you get yours?


I do not have one yet for multtiple personal reasons, one of them is Indiegogo.
But I expect they will send hub with EU frequency and plug.


I hope so :slight_smile: Thank you!


Hi GeKo,

We have the US, EU, and AU frequencies. After you purchased the hub, we will send you an email to confirm which version you want.


Mixtile Team


Thanks Bac! I ordered yesterday, so I am looking forward receiving the email.