Z-wave Device after Update


Hello All,
today I received my mixtile, running on FW version 1.12. I was adding a coolcam Door/Windowsensor, worked w/o problems even though the range is disapointing (compared to a Raspi with Z-Wave dongle). But… it worked, it showed open/closed as status. After the firmware update completed, there is no open/close status anymore, it now shows something like event/no event.
Any thoughts on this issue?




How about tje range with a bigger mesh network?


Hi GeKo,

After we upgraded the FW, there were a small number of devices with this issue. I’ve reported this to the development team. Are there any other devices you have with this issue?


Mixtile Team


Hi Bac,

The Coolcam Door/Windows sensors are the only z-wave devices I have, so I can only speak for those.
Thanks for taking care!