Xiaomi Device Number/Limits



I just received my Mixtile and successfully added a Xiaomi ZigBee power socket.

I was wondering if there is a limit to the number of Xiaomi/Aqara devices that can be paired and also what the range would be for connectivity.



We’re glad to see you successfully added your device. :smile:

If you just connect to the Zigbee devices which with battery, then the limit number will be 81. But if you connect to routing type devices(Non-battery) as well. Then the limit will be more than 81 and the upper limit is unknown.

And the range of Zigbee can be 20~25 meters without obstacles, but the routing type devices can extend the range because works like a communication relay point.


Kindly consider simplifying the compatibility list by removing those evaluating and developing. There’s not much reason they’re listed there if they’re not yet fully done tested and confirmed. Those dont make the category of what the list is all about in the first place. I for one would rather prefer not being let down while having see the name of a particular device listed only to find out immediately looking right to find out there’s no confirmation of definite timing how long it would take to be or would be at all. Thank you Mixtile for if only you’re working much harder now to be where the introduction of it should at least be met. I dont see how I can relate 5 minutes to now 2 full days still to not get it to function stably. The same few error messages kept repeatedly randomly come about to the point im not sure anymore whether I can achieve getting it to run with utmost confident.


Hi Victor.
We need your help to locate the problem. Could you please tell us the details of the problem you met? It’d better by pictures or videos. That will be great helpful.

Thank you.