Use as a Z-Wave secondary controller + HomeKit Gateway


I have been trying many times to get my Mixtile included in my existing z-wave network as a secondary controller…
The goal is to use it as a HomeKit gateway as the excellent and cheap raZberry solution does but MUCH simpler.

So far I am still stuck at step 0: Try to pair with the primary z-wave controller…

Any advice? At least a way to check if the Mixture sees the Z-wave network?


Mxitile Hub does not currently support working with other zwave control devices.


Ok, however this is an issue in the USA since most Z-Wave installation come with a security-connected primary controller (like ADT Pulse).
Please notify me when this is available…


I have the same problem. I have an extensive Z-wave network and I am yet unable to move it to be driven by Mixtile Hub. Any chances for this to be fixed?


Hi Gleb,

It’s not possible to add another Z-Wave network to our hub yet. Have you tried pairing your Z-wave devices to the Mixtile Hub?


Mixtile Team


All of my Z-Wave devices are window rollers, which are tough to get to - their Z-Wave-enabled parts are hidden inside a plastic shell which is tough to disassemble and many are installed outside the house in a hard-to-access spots. They are all already paired with a primary-secondary pair of RHCT - - devices. It would be a lot of effort to switch all of the rollers to Mixtile hub, since there are 20+ of them and many of them not at the ground floor.

I am trying installing OpenHAB 2.4 on Mixtile hardware as it seem to support being a secondary Z-Wave hub. This seem to be an easier way forward.


I’m not sure how that works. We do have a tutorial on how to use openHAB 2.4 on the Hub


Mixtile Team