Tutorial: Play sounds (or music) from the Mixtile Hub


Did you know the Mixtile Hub can play music or other sound effects? I created a “Security Mode” routine that makes the hub play a siren sound whenever motion is detected, or front door is opened.

Before you get started

  • Make sure your Hub rooted (instruction here)
  • The sounds or music files must be in wav format.
  • Video edition here

Getting Started

  • Copy the wave file(s) you want to the hub
    • scp -r (filename) user@(yourhubipaddress):/home/user
      (Ignore brackets ‘()’ - file name is your music/sound file name)
  • Get into your hub then get root access
    • ssh user@(yourhubipaddress) (password is the SN code)
    • sudo -i (password is the SN code)
  • Stop hub service
    • systemctl stop mhub
  • Go to the hub’s directory and create a ‘conf’ directory
    • cd /opt/mhub/
    • mkdir conf
  • Go inside the ‘conf’ directory then create a ‘sounds’ directory
    • cd conf
    • mkdir sounds
  • Copy your sound file(s) to this directory
    • cd sounds
    • cp /home/user/(filename) .
  • Change the ‘conf’ directory and all its files’ ownership to mhub
    • cd /home/user/
    • chown -R mhub. conf
  • Start hub service
    • systemctl start mhub

Wait a few minutes for the hub to start back up. Afterwards, you can go to Paper Ui and create a routine. For the action, you can pick ‘Play a sound’. Select the sound you want to play and select ‘Aplay Audio’ for Sink


  • The sound files must be in wav format
  • The Mixtile apps currently don’t support this feature. If you create a routine to play your sounds, then edit it on the Mixtile apps, then the sound