Tutorial: How to update the Mixtile Hub to the latest version


Method 1: Through your phone/app (Manual or automatic)

  1. Go to the “Devices” page in your app and click on your hub
  2. Scroll all the way down to “Version” and click it.
  3. (if you wish to automatically update the hub whenever there is a new version. On the top right corner of this page, you can enable this option)

Method 2: Through the hub

  1. Make sure your hub is connected to the internet
  2. Long press the reset button on the hub for about 12 seconds
  3. Release when the hub says “Ready to update. Downloading…”

The whole process may take about an hour.

P.S. if your current version is below 1.3, you will have update it twice to get the latest version. Once it is updated, reset the hub, re-download the app, then re-pair the hub.

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Nope. I hold the pin in the reset and the pairing code is read out, I keep holding counting to 12 and still nothing. I keep pressing and release at 30 where upon the hub restarts.

Once restarted it still shows as offline. If I try to add a new hub, it doesn’t see it, but will find it on a Bluetooth search. This lets me select the WiFi network.

Now this is where I think ok, the hub has reset, it’s back on the network, I can add it again and start again (like I needed to on the last update)
But no. The hub still can’t be found.




When you said offline, do you mean you can see the hub as offline in your app? If the hub is on your app, you won’t be able to add it again because it is already added. Try restarting it (unplug the power cord from the hub then plugging it back in). After the hub is restarted, kill your app then refresh the main page (to refresh, quickly swipe down from the top of the page). After the hub is back online, you can update via the app.

Please let me know if it’s something else.



Mixtile Team


I have removed the hub from my app. It still can’t find it.

So I can’t upgrade it and I can’t add it again.

I’ll try a full reset. Annoying that this is the second update where I’ve needed to do this.

Can an update not be triggered by asking Mixtile to update firmware?



I think I know what the problem is now. When you removed the hub from your app, you have to reset your hub. Please let me know if you are able to update after resetting. We’ll give you an alternative method to update the hub.



Mixtile Team


Re set, added to Wi-fi. Then the app couldn’t find it again.



This is very strange. We haven’t had this problem before. Have you tried connecting the hub an ethernet cable and find it that way. If you have the time, could you screen record the process for us so we investigate where the problem is. You can send us the video at support@mixtile.com

Press the reset button once to turn the bluetooth on. Then go on your app -> Add Hub -> Guide to add a new hub. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the one on your phone, then go back to ‘Add Hub’ page.



Mixtile Team


The mixtile version is 1.1.18 and is not getting updated with both the methods any help would really be appreciated.


Hi @Rishab_Gandhi1 ,

Sorry for the late reply, we are on our holidays. We’ve prepared file for you to upgrade the firmware through USB. Please follow the directions below

  1. Download the latest firmware (1.17) from this link

  2. Unzip the download file. You should get a ‘mixtilehub’ folder with 3 files inside.

  3. Put this ‘mixtilehub’ folder in a clean USB drive and plug it in the hub

  4. Use a pin to press the reset button once. Now wait for the hub to restart (around 5-8 minutes)

  5. Unplug the USB drive and that’s it!

I recommend that you factory reset the hub after you upgraded the firmware. Let me know if it works!


Mixtile Team