Tutorial: How to root your hub


Before we root the hub, make sure the firmware of your hub is at least 1.3.18072602. And Mixtile App (iOS and Android) are up to date.

1. Enable Developer Mode

On the Mixtile app, go to 'Me' tab. Click 'About‘, then tap the Mixtile logo 10 times. The Logo will turn into a colorful gradient. (If you want to disable developer mode, can tap the logo 10 times again)

2. Root the Hub:

Click 'Developer Options', then click on the hub you want to root. (Please read the instructions carefully before you root the hub. Anyone connected to the same LAN as your hub, can access your hub)




3. Access your hub through any browser

Open browser from your phone, laptop, tablet and type in `XXX.XXX.XXX:8080`, X is the IP address of the your hub. (Make sure whatever device you use to open the browser, it is connected to the same network as your hub)

4. Extra: Get in the hub through SSH

If you want to get inside the hub through ssh. For Linux and Mac users, open “Command Prompt" Type in: `ssh user@XXX.XXX.XXX` X is the IP address of the your hub. Password is SN code pasted in the back of the hub


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Just received the mixtitle. The app is too buggy to work so I decided to check this root access out.

I was unable to login using the account user and printed password, but after some tries it seems that if you capitalise the letters in the printed password it works… great.

Did find that it is an poky yocto distro, never heard of and I couldn’t find what package manager it uses… I want to install a richer text editor like nano.
Any help on this?

And… I was hoping and thought it was openhab based, but it is eclipse… what are the future ideas and is it possible to install openhab?


download it: http://7xrmmq.dl1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/nano.tar.gz
opkg install ncurses-terminfo_6.0+20160625-r0_cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4.ipk
opkg install nano_2.2.5-r3.0_cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4.ipk

Openhab is running too slow on Mixtile Hub and takes up a lot of resources. Since openhab2 is based on Eclipse Smarthome and Mixtile Hub fully supports Eclipse Smarthome, almost all openhab2 binding can be recompiled into an Eclipse Smarthome binding.


Great, thanks for the answer. I’m going to try it.
Yes, OH2 would be the way to go. Will there be any help or guides available in future because coming from domoticz with rather difficult Lua scripts I find the current eclipse implementation too limited. With OH2 I would be able to create detailed rules (at least, what I gather from the information).


Tried to install Home Assistant and OpenHab2, not possible from my side :frowning:


Hi all,

We will release a tutorial on how to use openHAB on the hub in the next two days.



Mixtile Team



Got it upto SUDO -i, next another password is requested. Does anybody know the password required? The SN (with or without capitals) is not doing the trick here.



Forget it --> the capitals DO work :wink:



Glad you got it to work, Frank :slight_smile: