Tutorial: How to add more Philips Hue devices to Mixtile Hub


Hi developers,

(PLEASE NOTE: Mixtile Hub with firmware 1.15 or above comes with ‘Philips Hue Binding’ that lets you connect the ‘Philips Hue Bridge’ to the hub.)

At the time of this tutorial (March 27, 2019), we have 3 Philips devices in our compatibility list. One is already fully tested, two are in the planning phase. If you want to connect more Philips devices to the Mixtile Hub, you could connect the Philips Hue Bridge to the Mixtile Hub. Many of your devices in the Philips Hue Bridge can be added to the Mixtile Hub. This tutorial is written assuming you have experience using Linux systems. There are 3 steps to finish this tutorial:

  1. Create the Philips Hue binding jar file for ESH 0.9.0
  2. Add the Hue binding jar file to the Mixtile Hub
  3. Connect the Philips Hue bridge to the Mixtile Hub

What you will need

Step 1: Create the Philips Hue binding for ESH 0.9.0

  • Clone the smarthome packaging sample to your computer
    git clone https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome-packaging-sample.git

  • Go to the folder
    cd smarthome-packaging-sample

  • Edit pom.xml file (ESH version and add Hue dependency)
    vi pom.xml
    (Change the ESH version to 0.9.0)

    (Add the Hue binding like below)

  • Edit smarthome.xargs file (add binding)
    vi distro/runtime/concierge/smarthome.xarg

  • Then do a clean install with mvn
    mvn clean install
    (If you don’t have maven, install it first
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install maven )

  • After it finished building, the ‘target’ folder should appear. Go to the cd target/org.eclipse.smarthome/ directory. And wala, the hue binding should be there

Step 2: Add the Hue binding jar file to the Mixtile Hub

After you created the jar file, you need to add it to the hub. Follow this tutorial starting from step 3. https://community.mixtile.com/t/tutorial-how-to-port-openhab-bindings-to-eclipse-smarthome/

Step 3: Connect the Philips Hue bridge to the Mixtile Hub

  • Go to ESH by typing in your-hub's-ip-address:8080 to your browser. (You can also use the Mixtile’s app).
  • If you go to inbox then add, the hue binding should be available now. Click on it!
  • It will find any Philips Hue Bridge that is connected to the same network as your hub. Add the Philips Hue bridge, then click on the button on the top of the bridge.
  • Philips hue devices connected to the bridge will become available. Add as many as you want! As you can see from the image below, we added the Hue lightstrip plus device, which is not yet compatible, to the Mixtile Hub.

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Sounds great, but it looks like you have referenced some password protected images in the post :slight_smile:


Hi Emil,

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I can only see the first image, the image that should show how to add the hue binding isn’t visible. :blush:


I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know