Suggestions and from the community voices I speak on behalf!


With no disrespect or means of any negative manners, could Mixtile team kindly refer to the app of MiHome and have the whole app thing redone in that similar way, most importantly for the automation part and routine which home automation device should at least do let alone hopeful for any wow offer, that was very short lived with the anticipation of the hubs arrival…ever since the two of them have been kept in the boxes. There was a one attempt starting one up after having seen a few updates by u guys only to sigh to the almost-no-difference-updates…

Please mixtile team, I believe I’m speaking on behalf of many whom supported you guys purchasing a supposedly powerful hub only to end up having an extra cube taking up space in the room not knowing what to do with…

Tolerance is but with a limit and this has been way too long for nothing still. Might I ask, how many do you guys always refer to whenever mentioned ‘team’?

How long in a day does the team actually do anything with the app?

When can the app be fully stable worked out solely by you guy yourselves instead of waiting for us to voice out each issue and wait for solution and then repeat??

For god’s sake, start off with at least a problem free app and device. This community discussion should be anything after what I just mentioned is only right. Not a community of helping mixtile team to perfect their app, we are talking about a global community assistance u guys somehow so conveniently drove this whole thing into…that’s smart but let’s put smart to the right matters here.

I’m not far from planning to dispose of the device and I do not like wasting resources being second, I have no space for junk and overtolerance come first…


Hi Victory,

It’s good to hear from you again. We really appreciate you emailing us last time. You made many valid points and great suggestions for our apps. In the past year, we were more focusing on the stability and performance of the Mixtile Hub and apps. As you already know, there were many bugs in our apps when we released them in the beginning. Right now, we’re working on adding more devices to our compatibility list, more features such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa support etc. Although the interface of the apps is not the priority for us right now, we do have plans in the future to make it more intuitive and user-friendly for you guys.


Mixtile Team