Routine mode didn’t work


Just did a bit trial, i’m able to pair it with my aqara smart switch, and i can control it over the app. But when i tried to create a routine based on time trigger option it simply didn’t work… the switch is not responding to the command…


Hi, I just tried on my ‘Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version (Single Key)’ device, the Routine is working all the time. You can take a look on my settings from the pictures below.

Here is my switch.


Mmm i tried multiple times with no success…ok i’ll try to set it up again, my smart switch is similar with yours…mine is double switch.

Also can you guys confirm this mixtile will compatible with the aqara smart curtain? I also have plan to connect with it. I saw in the compatibility list it’s still unknown.

Thank you felix for your quick reply :slight_smile:


Mixtile Hub is not interoperable with aqara smart curtain yet. We’ll buy one to test the compatibility.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. :wink:


Oww ok fenix, thanks.