Remote access to hub


Has the feature to allow remote management and sharing of the hub been released yet, as I can’t find a way to make it work. (Once you eventually get past the on screen keyboard).
Is this connected to the login option on the Mixtile web site gives a 404 error when you select it. I know that I’m logged into the community but still it’s odd.


Hi UKKiwi. For now, the iOS App has both the remote management and sharing function, but the Android App only has the remote management function and no stable yet. Which App do you use, iOS or Android?


Hi Martin, I’m using iOS. Will the remote access work with just WiFi or mus the Mixtile be wired to the network as well.

If I got into “Me” and “Sharing” I just see a blank page.


Hi UKKiwi, the remote access works with both Wi-Fi or wired but the network must be internet enabled (which means every device connected to this network can access internet without any limitation).

For sharing, go to Me->Sharing you will see a button “Invite New User”, click it then you can invite another user by input user’s email address with role selection (please find the pictures below).


Unfortunately all I see is a blank page. I am also only able to connect to the mixtile from one device, as the second says that the hub is managed.


Oh I see. That happens when the user you logged in is not an owner or master of any hub, and all the owners or masters has been removed by themselves. But this kind of problem only exists in early versions, so I think maybe your cloud account has been damaged for some reason. Please send your account (email address you used to log-in) to me via private message, I’ll check it with our operation team.


Hello @UKKiwi Could you please take some screenshots of the hub and App just like below?


Here is the Hub.


And user.


Hello @UKKiwi
I was trying to reproduce the problem you met, but just can not. Could you try to reset your hub and reinstall the App? It may help with this issue.
And we are checking the Cloud server to try to find out what happened exactly.


Hub reset. App reinstalled. I’m now connected expected. But I also had the issue with the pairing code under the hub being different to the actual code. I’m vary pleased that you added this to the reset button. Such a great feature.

So now my next issue, how do I pair a second device to the hub with my account, as I’d like to be able to manage it from an iPad as well.
I can get logged onto the app and can see the hub listed as online but I can’t pair it for management. Is the only way, to give myself a new email address?


Hello @UKKiwi
Glad to hear you can use the hub now!
The Pairing Code will change to a new one once you pair the hub with your App (Phone or iPad). So you need to hold the reset button for 5 seconds and the hub will tell you a new Pairing Code. Then log onto iPad with your same email and pair your hub with the new code.


That’s what I tried. The pairing code from the app on my phone and the hub (from reset) are the same but it won’t let me use it on my iPad.


Hi @UKKiwi, what happened when you trying to pair your iPad with the hub? If the problem was the “Pair” button covered by the keyboard, the good news is the coming update (waiting Apple to review) will solve this problem.


No. I can work around the issue of the keyboard covering the button. I proceed on but it errors when I enter the pairing number and confirm it. I’ll tr to get the error message later.


Ok. So it was just the keyboard covering the confirm button.
What was happening was that I was inadvertently tapping on the link for “code does not work” and getting the message from that.
I’ve done the switch app trick and have successful paired.

Thanks for your help.

Looking forward to the new firmware.