Quick tutorial to setup your Mixtile Hub with iOS App


1. Download and install App from App Store by searching ‘Mixtile’.

2. Sign in your account.

3. Setup Wi-Fi for your hub and add it in the App.

4. Pair devices to hub with the App.

5. Build your automation routines in the App. (We use a contact sensor and an outlet from Starter Kit as an example to show how to setup a routine that when the contact sensor open then the outlet will turn on)

Android App Alpha Release
Cannot connect with Hub

That would be great maybe on a long screen iPhone X, but on the more square iPad screen, the keyboard hides buttons needed to enter data!


This is so true. It even does it for n my iPad. You have to go out and come back to the app , then try to click before the keyboard re appears.


Sorry guys. We will release an iOS App update next week. That will resolve the keyboard problem.