Qubino support?



Is there a way to have Qubino working on the hub?

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We currently do not have plans to develop the Qubino devices for our hub yet. If it’s popular among our users, we’ll start developing it quickly.

On the other hand, if you have experience programming and you don’t want to wait for us, you may be able develop them yourself. We have tutorial on how to root the hub here



I would if I could: HTTP POST or MQTT



Did you update your app to the latest version? I reported the problem to our development team. They fixed it immediately and implemented it to the very next update. Please let me know if you’re still unable to see the option to accept the developer mode.



Mixtile Team


Android version I have is 0.6.3 (167)
Last update according to Google Play is 11 oct 2018



I see. It appears that our developers didn’t save the implementation last time. But rest assured, it will be fixed in the next update (this week or latest next week). Thank you for helping our users and us fix this issue! :slight_smile:



Mixtile Team