Motion Detector Light Sensor


Is there a way to access the light sensor in the motion detector? For instance to set up a routine to turn on lights when motion is detected but only if the room is dark.


No, you can not use ‘only if the room is dark’ as your condition for now. But you can set up a alternative routine like the picture below:


That’s a shame, as it would be great to be able to use the light sensor.

Is it something that is likely to be added, as it would be useful to turn on a light only when there is movement and it’s dark.


Hi UKKiwi, we will release an update for both iOS App and the Hub, which will unveil a developer mode function and let you access a hidden web interface (PaperUI) to configure almost everything you want. So you don’t have to wait us release new functions for the App.


This sounds great. Hopefully it won’t let us break anything.


How do I access to hidden web interface?


Hi @Mike02 ,

You can follow the link below to open the hidden web interface.

X - IP adress of hub


Thanks for your help. I’ve modified the tutorials. :slight_smile:


I see the light sensor is now in the current release.

That said the slider goes up to 6000 lumens so it’s almist impossible to set finer detail of lower lumens.

Will this be corrected / modified in a later release?

Edit. I see this has been updated. I’m can now see that it now has a threshold of 1000 lumens.