Mixtile trouble with GE Enbrighten switches


I just got my mixtile and trying to set it to control my switched with Google home. I’m having trouble adding GE Enbrighten switches to the mixtile. Specifically, I have the In-wall Zigbee Smart Dimmer (Jasco part zb3002).
Mixtile adds, what I think is the switch, as an unknown light. I cannot control it from the app. I added it to my Google home and it was not able to control it. When I refresh the app, it says the device is offline. Otherwise, the switch works on its own to turn lights on/off.



@Manuil_Tonev we have not tested this device yet. It may need additional configuration to work properly. Alternatively, it may have been added incorrectly.

Have you tried removing the device then re-adding it to the hub? Try re-adding the device and see it works. If it still doesn’t work, we’ll have to develop it for our hub. To re-add the device, please follow the steps below:

  1. Delete the device from the Mixtile app. The Hub will sound “Please operate the device”
  2. Set the device into exclusion mode (see the device user manual)
  3. After the device is removed, the hub will sound “The device has left”

I hope this helps answer your question.


Mixtile Team


Yes, indeed, I had already deleted and added the switch multiple times before posting. Each time Mixtile announced that “The device has left”. The behavior remained the same with each attempt - the switch gets recognized as a lightbulb and remains not operable from the hub or Google home.

The website for mixtile sais GE devices are supported. I bought 40 various zigbee GE Enbrighten switches and dimmers, and purchased the mixtile on the premise that I can connect them.

Where can I see a list of what works and what doesn’t? When are the Enbrighten devices going to be fully supports?


Hi @Manuil_Tonev,

If it doesn’t work on the Mixtile Hub, it wouldn’t work on the Google Home.

Certain GE devices are supported. Countless of new devices come out to the market every year, and it is impossible to make all of them compatible. Some devices will work without additional development, but some require us to develop further. Unfortunately, the device you bought is one of them.

Please find the list of compatible devices in this list

I’ve put the GE Enbrighten on our requested list, but there is no definite date when we can make them compatible.

From our testing, Zigbee devices tend to require additional development. For future purchases, Z-Wave devices would work most of them without requiring additional development.

Best regards,


Mixtile Team