Mixtile to Echo Plus connection


How to connect Echo Plus and Mixtile hub?


HI George,

Currently, the Alexa skill is not fully functional. If you have an android phone, kill the Mixtile app. Go to Alexa app, search for the Mixtile skill then enable it.


Mixtile Team


I think our problem is that the firmware is version 1.15, and Mixtile Hub fails to update to the current 1.6.18092107. Hub says “Ready to update. Downloading…” But …


Hi Vitanov,

Our current firmware version is 1.15. Do you have problems updating to FW 1.15?



Hi Vitanov,

Our Alexa skill is now fully functional. Please check out the tutorial below


Mixtile Team


Is this only available in the USA, as I can’t find it as a skill in my Alexa app in the UK.


Unfortunately it’s only in the US for now.


Ok, thanks. Is it on the roadmap?



Yes, the estimate available time is next month.


Mixtile Team