Mixtile Team Update


Hi all,

I want to give you an update of what we have done this month. We have released our android app to the Google playstore and we’ve updated Mixtile Hub. Below is the update details

Mixtile Hub Update (1.5.18090711)

  • The Mixtile Hub now supports a new smart home product: Z-Wave Home Energy Meter
  • It is now even faster searching for Z-wave devices!
  • We added a new routine action feature to better support your needs
  • Fixed a routine trigger bug where users couldn’t change the comparison values
  • Fixed a bug when the hub is searching for devices
  • Increased compatible devices

Unfortunately, the hub can only be updated with iOS devices for now. But don’t worry, we did not forget about Android users. In the next couple weeks, we’ll have an update for the Android app with additional functionalities and increased stability.

If you encountered any bugs and/or have any suggestions for us, send us an email, comment, pigeon etc. (Please note that pigeon mails might not be delivered)



Mixtile Team


I have suggestion: please make instructions how install Homebridge plugin into hub via ssh or paper ui. Your colleague promise to do it one month ago


Hi @egoist,

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the delay. I promised you, we are working on the instruction. You will most likely see it this month. Thanks again for continue using our products and for always giving us valuabe feedbacks. If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesistate to contact us again.



Mixtile Team


Another suggestion: please, do something with journal! Chaos…may be graph?


Eagerly awaiting this guide. Hope to use Mixtile along side my server running OH2.