Mixtile smart outlet: randomly cycles on/off multiple times = broken?


When the smart socket is on, after some time, it turns off and then immediately on again a number of times (4-7?). At the end (after 10-20 seconds) the sockets is again turned on.
The changes do not show up as Journal entry of the device in mixtile app.

Is this socket safe (i.e. it wont catch fire, etc.)?
Is this socket broken?

Zigbee Smart Outlet
Model: KS-501EUR-Z (part of mixtile starterkit)

Lenovo laptop charger (240V 1.8A) and phone (USB) plugged into smart outlet.
Connected to mixtile hub with latest firmware. No routines setup.


Hi @moaltmann

Thanks for contacting us. Could you send us a video of the issue to support@mixtile.com?


Mixtile Team