Mixtile Outlet Plug


Hi Bac

HNY to you.

Yes it sounds the pairing code.



I had left the USB in the hub since we tested the files, this morning I removed it and plugged it back in.

To my surprise Mixtile said “finished”

I said “Hi Mixtile” nd got t the reply “yes”

So great news, that voice is working again.

Now we just need to work out why the Outlet plugs don’t work.


I’m still looking for help with this one!

The Plugs don’t work with Mixtile.



Do the other zigbee devices work? If you haven’t already updated to hub to 1.12, try updating the hub to the latest version and try it again. Let me know how it goes


Mixtile Team


Other devices seem to be connected. The movement sensor does show movement when you walk past it.

Where do I find 1.12 as the look for updates option from the app doesn’t find an update.


Hi @UKKiwi

That’s good to know. That means your Zigbee module is fine. It appears there is an issue with the feature to update the hub via the app. It will be resolved in 2 hours. If the update doesn’t fix the problem, you may have to reset the hub. Let me know how it goes!


Mixtile Team


Thanks Bac

I’ve just checked the app and it’s found the update.

Have there been other releases since 1.9 as the app was set to auto download and install but we now have 1.12.

Also as a manual update from the app I was offered download and install, but this still stops after downloading and waits for you to select install.
I would have expected to select download and install and then “walk away” as it were.



1.10 was released on December 4th. And we skipped 1.11, because there was an small issue with that one. If you set the hub to automatically download and install, it should install automatically. There is also another option where you set it to download first and wait for you to install. We should have an update coming at the end of this month or early next month. Let me know if it automatically install the next firmware.

Did you resolve the outlet problem?


Mixtile Team


Hi Bac

Plugs removed and re added they are now working. :smiley:



Hooray!! Did you have to reset the hub?


Mixtile Team


No. The first update where I haven’t had to reset the hub.

This is great progress.