Mixtile Hub Firmware Update 1.9


Hi all,

On November 20, 2018, we released a new firmware update for the Mixtile Hub. The latest version is 1.9.18110612. With this upgrade, we implemented the following:

  1. Added ‘IP Camera’ plugin to Eclipse SmartHome
  2. Fixed an issue where you couldn’t access the hub remotely
  3. Renamed some system folders

If you don’t know how to update to the latest version, please check out the tutorial here. If you encountered any problems with this version or previous versions, please let us know. You can comment on this post or write us an e-mail at support@mixtile.com



Mixtile Team


@egoist @DrLyk

We fixed the issue where you couldn’t access your hub outside your home and we also added the ‘IP camera’ plugin to Eclipse SmartHome. Thank you for the report and suggestions!


Mixtile Team


Looking forward to upgrading, as I haven been able to connect to or use my hub since the last update.



Shad, what was the issue? Could you give me more details so I can relay that to our development team.





Can you explain how it is added?

I have an ip camera and I would like to add it


The app has lost contact with the Mixtile. At the last upgrade I had to set set and start again. I’ve now tried to update to the ne update but can’t.
If I hold the reset button it will read out the number but then nothing more until it re starts.

I’ve also have the same problem (that I had lost time) where I can’t talk to the hub. If I say “Hi Mixtile” the light starts spinning and then after a while the light goes back to solid. (With not so much as a “Se you”


So what are is the best way to force the firmware upgrade based on my current situation?



Are you using Eclipse SmartHome with our hub? You can root the hub to use ESH. Instructions here!


We have a short tutorial on how to update the hub/app here. If you are still unable to update, please let me know what your hub and app versions are.


yes, where is the plugins, I do not see it. I have to download it?


Hi. App is 1.0.41. Hub is 1.7.x I can’t be sue as I can’t connect but it was updated in the last 4 to 6 weeks.



If you updated to the latest version, it should be there (like the image above.) Let me know if you can’t find it.


I sent you a reply on the “How to update hub/app” page



Mixtile Team