Mixtile Hub Firmware Update 1.15 (Philips Hue Bridge and more)


Hi all,

We’ve released a new firmware update (1.15) for the Mixtile Hub. In this update, we’ve implemented the following

  1. Repackage the Zigbee API
  2. Added Philips Hue binding support
  3. Fix some minor bug issues

We tested and added 3 Zigbee devices that can be directly connected to the hub. We also added support for the Philips Hue Bridge, which allows almost all Philips Hue devices to be added to hub through the Hue bridge.

  • Aqara Curtain Motor
  • Aqara Bulb
  • Xiaomi Button
  • Philips Hue Bridge

If you don’t know how to update to the latest version, please check out the tutorial here . If you encountered any problems with this version or previous versions, please let us know. You can comment on this post or use our contact form .



Mixtile Team


Tried to update… The whole update process is way to long. We are talking about less than 250MB, it is not acceptable the whole download process takes > 30 Minutes. Once it is finally updated (at least the hub tells me the update is done), the crappy app still shows Version 1.14 something. Trying to perform the update once more. Ok, took 10 minutes just to check on the servers for an updated image. None available. Sorry guys, this is just disappointing… REALLY disappointing.
Cant recommend this device, not at all


Thank you for the feedback! With decent download speed, the hub should update the firmware in 5-10 minutes. We’ll do some investigation on the issue.

There is a bug on the app that sometimes doesn’t show the correct version after it has been updated. You can try refreshing the hub or kill and re-open the hub.