Mixtile Hub Firmware Update 1.14 (MCO Home Touch Panel devices)


Hi all,

We’ve released a new firmware update (1.14) for the Mixtile Hub. In this update, we’ve implemented the following

  1. Improved the device removal process
  2. Fixed the offline problem of FIRS devices
  3. Stability improvement and bug fixes

We tested 5 more compatible Z-wave devices

  • MCO Home Touch Panel Dimmer DT311
  • MCO Home Touch Panel Switch MH-S314
  • MCO Home Touch Panel Switch MH-S312
  • MCO Home Touch Panel Switch MH-S311
  • MCO Home AC MASTER ZXT-600

If you don’t know how to update to the latest version, please check out the tutorial here . If you encountered any problems with this version or previous versions, please let us know. You can comment on this post or use our contact form .



Mixtile Team