Mixtile Colour (of the plastic casing)


Anyone else less than excited when opening their Mixtile to see the colour of the unit?
On the box, and in all promo images it’s bright white. Mine (2 of them so not just a single dodgy one) is that kind of “20 year old plastic product that was initially white but has discoloured over time to almost bordering on white/yellow” colour.

Hardly a huge drama (If this is the only “issue” I have with it, I’ll be reasonably pleased), but discouraging that my first reaction upon seeing it was disappointment… Especially since the packaging is nice, and the unit itself feels sturdy and well made.


Hi Kaibosh,

I’m so sorry that the Hub’s color is not the same as what we’ve promoted. It’s not designed like that either. In fact, it is the result of the best compromise that we could ever make during this production.

During mass production, we’ve encountered shortage of raw plastic materials which proved decent performance and appearance in pilot production. To solve this problem, we tried to replace it with new materials for three times but couldn’t reach the same effect. In order not to keep backers waiting, we chose the solution that balanced performance and appearance.

We’ve always want to provide the best possible reward for our backers, but the physical world often leaves us with a little regret. We will continuously devote ourselves to developing its software, hoping everyone will have fun with it.


Thanks for the reply Martin - I appreciate the explanation…

If the alternative was to push back when backers received their units, I think that going with the compromise for colour was the right choice :slight_smile:


Thank you Kaibosh for your support and understanding.