Mixtile Android/iPhone Apps Update 0.6.7/1.0.45 (Bug fixes)


Hi all,

We updated both the Android and Apple apps to 0.6.7 and 1.0.45 respectively. In these two updates, we mainly focused on bug fixes. In the next updates, we’ll be adding some exciting features. Keep a lookout!

Android App 0.6.7

  1. Added “higher than” or “lower than” for better routine setups
  2. Fixed the issue where there is an additional ‘Bridge’ item in the Mixtile Hub details page
  3. Fixed the issue when the app crashes after the identify button is clicked and before the hub is paired
  4. Fixed the issue where name of a room doesn’t show on the Mixtile Hub details page
  5. Increase functionality for IP cameras

Apple App 1.0.45

  1. Added a feature to view and clear your cloud data
  2. Minor bug fixes

If you caught a mistake with this version or have suggestions for us, please let us know. You can comment on this post or use our contact form here.



Mixtile Team