Led driver dimming controler - pwm 1-10v signal


I build high efficiency custom led grow lights and i use casambi Bluetooth control module to dime meanwell drivers. The app is just lighting oriented and has no other functionality.
I was looking for a more complete system to log temperature and humidity and to control on-off sockets and I found mixtile which is amazing, a lot of things could be done for controlling the grow room. After checking all the compatible devices, i’ve seen a couple of companies who has dimming controllers to generate dimming signals for high efficiency led drivers (pwm or 1-10v signals) like SLC611 by owon but they are not listed in the compatible devices table. There is a huge potential market for this system if the software could interact with this unit or similar zigbee dimming controller units (like amelech dimming controller for example) and if it could do solid on-off-dimming day-week dependant programing, and short time interval programing (for socket controllers) to configure watering cycles, co2 injection… The possibilities are huge.
Since i couldn’t check the android app because it won’t let you try anything without the hub connected,

  1. Can someone confirm the SLC611 or similar dispositive will be compatible?
  2. Does the app offer a solid functionality in temperature and humidity logging (genetared graphic, or table)?
  3. Is there solid hour-day-week programing on-off-dimming functionality?

As a possible customer i think it will be a great idea to integrate a dummy hub for demo purposes in the software with a few popular dummy demo devices (xiaomi, philips…) to show the main functionality of the system.


Hi James,

Thank you for your interest! Our compatible list shows products that we already tested or planning to test and develop. There are products that work with our hub, but we haven’t tested yet.

  1. It may be possible. As long as it is Zigbee standard, then our hub can control it.
  2. Our app has a log function where you can see all the devices’ activities, but currently, there is no graphics or table.
  3. You can set routines to turn the lights on/off or dim the lights on the specific hour and day of the week. For e.g. I set a routine to turn the lights on and dim it to 10% whenever motion is detected from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 7:00.

Thank you for the suggestions James. We’re in the plans to make the apps better.



Mixtile Team