Just Bought a New House with a preexisting Video Surveillance System


I’ve been accumulating smart devices for awhile. I just bought a house that added a new complexity - It has Vista 10se security system. I found Kickstarter project that claims that it will replace the control panel with a smart device that is integratable with Home Assistant and SmarThings - Well I had already invested in Mixtile - so I ask the Mixtile team if they could make our device work with Konnected.

Their response was to remind me that they are deeply commented to lots of compatibility products and they were not aware of Konnected until I mention my needs.

So I wanted to know if there are others of us in the Mixtile community that would encourage Mixtile to add Konnected or some other product to its compatibility list or should I simply buy a SmarThings from Samsung?


I would very much like to connect smart security keypads to a smart home hub. I’m in the market for a self-monitoring security system and I would also like to automate my home as a secondary objective. I’m not convinced by cloud logic processing, so Mixtile or n-cube hubs might the best solutions.

I think it would be smart move to explore security system applications for Mixtile as its opens up a whole new marketing opportunity.

Thanks for getting me onto Konnected!