IKEA Tradfri compatibility (Zigbee)



I found a eclipse smarthome binding for IKEA tradfri, which contains lighting solutions and a motion sensor. Did you think about including it into the Mixtile hub?
I would be highly interested in controlling my light bulb and light panel.

Thank you



Our developers said that the Zigbee version in Tradfri may be different than the one in our hub. If you’re interested in developing it yourself, you could technically port the tradfri binding into our hub. We will have a tutorial on how to install bindings to ESH this week.



Mixtile Team


This looks interesting. I’ve tried pairing in the UK with no joy, so adding the bindings might just solve the issue.

Has anyone successfully added bindings for IKEA Tradfri?


If you’re using openHAB, I believe you can add the binding from PaperUI.