Homebridge plugin


How about homebridge plugin for Mixtile hub ?:smile: Is anyone planning on doing this?


We are preparing to open Mixtile Hub with SSH and 8080 port. Then you can use Homebridge by adding openhab plugin to control your Hub.


Openhab has own Homebridge plugin. If hub based on openhab could I install Homebridge into it? Will you open this function?


Yes, we will open this function so that you can try to install Homebridge. And it is coming soon!


So, where is openhab’s homebridge binding in paper ui?:slight_smile:


Hi @egoist,
Please install homebridge in the hub with shell or install on other devices. Then install plugin in ESH (Paper UI) and homebridge.


“With shell” - what is it?
I have it installed on my raspberry. It works. But I want to install it on my hab without use another devices.
How can I unlock openhab’s repository with bindings?


Hi @egoist,

‘with shell’ means you need to root the hub first and log into system to operate.
Maybe you would like to wait for our tutorials about how to install homebridge on the hub. We will release it later.


Ok, I will wait your instructions