ESH and the Future


The Eclipse SmartHome project was archived last month (May 2020), and now officially dead, ss the only contributions to that project were coming from OpenHAB developers. The ESH project maintainer resigned in January 2019, so this wasn’t a surprise.


The ESH code was being folded back in to OpenHAB. Is Mixtile going to (or have they) updated the base from ESH to OpenHAB, or use something else? Is there a planned update to the Hub beyond v1.17.19122311?



Moreover, you claim that ‘The open-source software in Mixtile Hub makes it possible for you to contribute to your own smart home and enhance it with the efforts of all Mixtile lovers’ on the website. However some crucial parts of the code are still closed source. At least you could provide the community the opportunity to port the Mixtile plugins to OpenHAB if you are not planning to do it yourself.


Hi Charles,

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We are aware that ESH is no longer maintained and we have been working on new framework to replace it since the beginning of this year. Please stay tuned for our new framework and features. :slight_smile:

Mixtile Team


Hi Rolf,

You can replace ESH with openHAB 2.4 on the Mixtile Hub right now.

However, currently, it only works with openHAB 2.4. Mixtile Hub doesn’t work with the latest openHAB version yet.

Mixtile Team


Hi Bac and the rest of the team,

I am aware that the openHAB can run on the Mixtile Hub, it was the main motivation to buy the Hub that it was based on open-source software. Moreover, the category Developers & Hackers seem to suggest that you would like to have an active community to support the development with the hub. There is a Tutorial: Mixtile’s BSP Layer, which seem to suggest that there would be some support, although that BSP package is missing some major functionality too.

So, in your communication you suggest that you have an open platform, in practice it is not. Some key pieces are missing, it is very hard to customize the hub or use it as development platform.

Best Regards, Rolf


Hi @rofl

Thank you for the remark! We’ve do our best to provide you and other users a better experience. What type of customization would you like to see?


Bac Huang
Mixtile Team