Discover / add new devices


It means when phone connects or disconnects to hub by Bluetooth hub will start determined routine.


OK. I will forward to my team to discuss this function. Thank you so much for your suggestion!


I have done everything. But now I can’t connect every sensor!!
For example, voice assistant says «motion sensor detected» but in app I can’t see new device during search mode and after it. Seams that there are program mistake. Could you reset your hub and take video how you connect new xiaomi devices…2 or 3, not one.


Hi @egoist,
It’s a known problem of the hub which will be fixed soon. You can try one more time to discover sensor when you got this problem next time.
I’ve sent the share link of the video to you through PM. Please check the message.
By the way, the version of my hub is 1.3.18072403.


I solve my problem. After reset hub during connect mode (yes, only so) I quickly pull off battery from sensor and insert it again. Only then after shortly pressing sensor’s button I could connect it.
So, now I have only one problem to connect zigbee Outlet.


The hub doesn’t see 1,3 version of firmware. Tried 5 times.


All sensors don’t work again after restart hub…:smile:


Yes, that’s fine. 1.3.18072403 is for internal testing. The new release of firmware is coming soon.


Please remove the sensors doesn’t work and try adding them to the hub again.
When you got the issue ‘voice assistant says «motion sensor detected» but I can’t see in app’, wait for the discovering ends and try discovering again. The hub should found the sensors in second time.
So sorry for your experience.


I add sensors again with battaries removing. They works until I reboot hub. After it the situation repeats. I don’t need to reboot hub regularly, so it doesn’t disturb me. I only tell you about actual bugs your team need to fix :smile:

By the way The second discovery doesn’t fix problem. Only reset every time with adding all sensors in 120 Seconds time.


All data of the sensors will restore to default (like 0℃) after the hub reboot. So you may short press the reset key of the Xiaomi sensors and they may work again.


Doesn’t work always, only sometimes :smile: maybe it here are problems in sustainability of zigbee connection?

By the way, is it normal that the lower part of hub is very hot?


Yes, it’s normal but you can choose to turn the light off in App (enter Mixtile Hub -> Status Light). This can reduce a lot of heat.