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Do you mean that any one of these 3 sensors can work with the hub but they can’t just connect to the hub at the same time?


See my video. Another sensor works only if I delete previous. We discuss it about a week. I don’t know how to tell it more clearly than in video


Aqara wireles switch, temperature sensor and LIFX A19 light are not ready for routines. But you can find Aqara door and widow sensor in routines as trigger.


@egoist Ok, I will let my team figure out what is going on with this problem.


Thanks! By the way, door and window sensor also can’t be connected. I see you have it in your app. What’s wrong with me hub? Maybe you give me the last firmware and tell me how I can install it manually?


Please add to routines mode “from time to time”. And it will be great if hub will have access to phone’s Bluetooth to set some routines during I come and leave home. Greating function of hub will be also good!:smile:


Hi. I just tried to add a new Xiaomi Climate Sensor and seems everything goes right.

My version of hub is 1.2.18071308 and App is 1.0.36. They are same as yours.


I add video some days ago. Did you see it? Is there anything I do wrong? I think no. So, I have right sensors and Hub with actually soft. Maybe I need to reinstall firmware?


We had tried on our hub and Climate Sensors but the problem you met just can not recurred here.
And what you do is right, looks like nothing’s wrong. You don’t need to reinstall firmware.

Have you try adding any other kind of sensors after you add the Climate Sensor successfully?

Or could you please help us to take a video again? About the whole process you add the Climate Sensors.
For example, you add first one then another one but failed, and delete the first one then add another one successfully.


I can add motion sensor every time I need also after deleting it. If I add climate sensor the second same sensor I couldn’t add. So, after deleting it I also can’t do it. After reset (not restart) hub I can connect climate sensor again (any of 3). But the problem of another repeats. So reset again and so on.


I try to add all my sensors, but only motion works. And one of climate.
By the way with native mi hab all they work fine


Please try another solution:

  1. Reset the hub.
  2. Reset all the sensors.
  3. Remove battery from all sensors (important!!).
  4. Keep the sensors out of battery for 2 hours.
  5. Install battery to all sensors and try pairing your hub with sensors again.

Steps to reset the hub:

  1. Unplug the DC adapter from the hub.
  2. Wait until the hub light off (means power off).
  3. Press the reset key and keep holding. Plug the DC adapter to power on the hub.
  4. Keep holding the reset key.
  5. When the hub light off (White light) then release the reset key.
  6. The hub will reset automatically and reboot.


Ok, I’ll try some days later. Everything except 2 hours without batteries I have already done.
Is it better to add all sensors one time or take turns?


So, you didn’t answer, is there plans to add this functions


It’s better that add the sensors one by one for the Pairing Mode of hub will last for 120 seconds.


‘from time to time’ means the routine is only activated in a specific period of time?
If so, we already have planned to add this function.

We don’t understand the second function you describe. Could you please take some examples to explain the scene? Thanks.


It means when phone connects or disconnects to hub by Bluetooth hub will start determined routine.


OK. I will forward to my team to discuss this function. Thank you so much for your suggestion!


I have done everything. But now I can’t connect every sensor!!
For example, voice assistant says «motion sensor detected» but in app I can’t see new device during search mode and after it. Seams that there are program mistake. Could you reset your hub and take video how you connect new xiaomi devices…2 or 3, not one.


Hi @egoist,
It’s a known problem of the hub which will be fixed soon. You can try one more time to discover sensor when you got this problem next time.
I’ve sent the share link of the video to you through PM. Please check the message.
By the way, the version of my hub is 1.3.18072403.