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Anybody actually successfully added any devices yet to their Mixtile Hub?

Mixtile claims device compatibility with Wemo, Philips Hue, Nestcam and many others.

I have the devices mentioned and already working plus connected to my SmartThings hub no problem. But my Mixtile hub can find none of them!

Several attempts over multiple days and nothing is ever discovered - disappointing that it does not work out of the box with no “tweaking” required.


Hi David,

Could you please list the devices that you are attempting connect to Mixtile Hub?
Especially the model of the device. We need your help to enrich our compatibility list.
By the way, we are sorting out a detailed compatibility status list:


I am also unable to connect any of my other devices. ie Philips Hue, Nest and Netgear Arlo cameras. The only items it connected automatically were part of the starter kit.


Please check the detailed info for your Wemo, we need to know its model/protocol etc, or if you could provide its buying link like Amazon to us that will be great helpful as well. Thanks.

@David_H @David_Timmins
From this table, we can find Philips Hue, Nest and Arlo are still in developing to pair Mixtile hub except for Philips Hue Go (Without Hue Bridge).
We’re so sorry for your inconvenience, but we are keeping working hard on compatibility for making our hub better than better as always.


I have the same problem. I have 3 xiaomi temperature and humidity sensors. But only one of them successful connected to Hub.
Another xiaomi zigbee devices - door/window sensor, plugs, buttons I could not connect to Hub. What’s wrong?


Hi. Could you tell us the version of your hub and App?


Yes, please


Hi. You can try to reset the hub or check the sensor with battery. If it doesn’t work, please take some photos of the devices you can not pair for us.


I have already done it! Only one of 3 sensors works. After reset another sensor works, but only one. So batteries good. Only one works, that I connect the first. image


You mean the 2 sensors were connected but no data in Humidity and Temperature?

Here is my Xiaomi Climate Sensor and it’s working fine.


I mean that I could connect only one sensor. If I do it another 2 same sensors can’t be connected.


Devices that don’t connect

See video


And what is it? It appears automatically


Hello, i am trying to add my philips hue bridge/buld but the hub does not discover them. Is there anything I must do?


I have had exactly the same problem with some xiaomi devices connecting and others not .
Also when devices are found they do not appear on routines, only the mixtile hub is showing .


The Outlet (Wi-Fi version) as the picture below is not supported to pair yet.

And this one can be paired but the hub can not control it to turn on or off. We will fix this issue later.

The Button is not supported as well.

And the Climate Sensor which can be paired is WSDCGQ01LM. Please check the type of your sensor.


You don’t understand me. All my climate sensors works. But if I connect only one sensor☝️
3 or 2 sensors in same time don’t work (unable to connect)!


Zigbee Outlet didn’t work. I can’t connect it.
Fix it


You can remove BroadLink Plug, RM Bridge and Wemo Mini from the App. These devices had been added when we paired the Starter Kit. Sorry for making you confused.


Yes, I know. In case we need to conform that those 3 sensors are same type, right?